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I was born to make you happy


Bachelorarbeit an der Akademie für darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg

Feature Film 2015
I was born to make you happy is a trans feminist exploration of utopia that uses strong, mystical images and dark humor to support a fragmentarized narration, which has little interest in chronology and psychologizing. It mirrors the struggle of queer lives and dreams on the edge, that can only be told in fragments.
The six protagonists refuse to explain or justify their existence in this world, and the camera finds them with admiration for their beauty, strength, tragedy and humour. This dreamy feature film draws solidarity lines upon experience, and connects materialism, witchcraft, britney spears, femme power and friendship to a new way of telling our queer/transgender stories.

Regie: Frederik Müller
Kamera: Hengameh Yaghoobifarah
Drehbuch: Frederik Müller, nach einer Idee von Frederik Müller und Ville Erdedi
Ton: Mäx* Power und Viola Pawlowski
Sounddesign & Musik: David Hill
Regieassistenz: Vera Streicher
Produktion: Frederik Müller, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Conni Krämer, Vera Streicher, Janina Schröder
Auto: Axel Repka, Evelyn Bastian

Bumsy LaBoum: Banafshe Hourmazdi
Diamond: Francine Agbodjalou
Minnie Mini: Mijke Van Der Drift
Candy Crush: Ville Erdedi
Amazone: Ebba Gyllenhak
Jean: Alex Alvina Chamberland
Security 1: Stefan Hornbach
Security 2: Johannes Frick
Arzt 1: Nils Malten
Arzt 2: Johannes Frick
Arzt 3: Edwin Greve
Cafébesucherin: Helga Braake
Kellner: Emre Türker
Barkeeper_in: Lotta Rydén
Barbesucher_innen: Evelyn Bastian, Lotta Rydén,Mylo Lewis-Norman, Anton Krause
Fußgängerin: Vera Streicher

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